Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long layoff

It seems like forever since I updated the blog but I've been a bit busy. My son was born on April 11th, and the weeks leading up to his early arrival seemed like a sprint. He is a month old now and healthy as can be. Now I find I look up Mayo Clinic and Pediatrician sites to learn. What an interesting journey.

The Emperor’s Tomb

Steve Berry did it again. His story is great, characters flawed and yet perfect. His descriptions put you where the action is. Quite simply he is the best.

Paul Christopher’s Templar Conspiracy held true to his Templar Legacy. Very contrived, with conversation between the main characters desperate to sound main stream and yet totally missing the mark, this book bordered on the surreal in its complete ignorance of military and security operations and completely lumbered through far too many story lines to really crystallize into one solid story.