Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fort Bernard Cornwell

As expected this audiobook was an amazing story shedding light on a little known piece of American Revolution history. The author did an excellent job of describing the life conditions and situations faced by both Americans and British forces. As a member of the military I picked up on the complete failure of command in a joint environment. This is truly a great study in early joint operations as we understand them and their shortcomings.  Well worth the investment to listen to or read this book. 

The Roots of Betrayal, Book 2 of James Forrester's Claranceux Series

I finished The Roots of Betrayal in June and again was impressed with the wonderful descriptions of medieval England. James Forrester, or Ian Mortimer, has an amazing understanding of English cultural history and an uncanny ability to translate that culture into words. You feel as if you are there with Claranceux in his home or on the streets and as a reader you relate to each character on a social level. This is a wonderful book and I look forward to the third and final of this trilogy.