Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski

I recently finished another Chris Kuzneski work, "Sign of the Cross." The reason for reading more Payne and Jones is simple, they're fun! Despite the somewhat corny dialogue the bond between the two main characters is clearly deeper than blood. The name of their previous military affiliation seems contrived however the unit described is well within the realm of possibilities given the joint nature of armed forces and the coordination between military and civilian entities under DSCA (Defense Support to Civil Authorities) operations. All that aside, it really is a fun read through history. Payne and Jones find themselves detained in Spain for unknown reasons, however it becomes apparent that a group with influence on the Spanish law enforcement agencies and knowledge of the pair are behind the detention. Coerced via the detention to assist the agents purporting to be representative of the CIA, the heroes engage in a cross-european adventure chasing a Professor presented as an international thief. Along the way the two learn the truth about the Professor, his assistant, and their "CIA" representatives. Payne and Jones discover some curious facts about the story of Christ's Crucifixion, the Roman Emperor Tiberius, the Catholic Church, Tiberius' General Paccius, and Pontius Pilate. All the while Payne and Jones along with Detective Nick Dial of Interpol lead the reader from Kronborg Castle in Denmark to Orvieto Italy, Tripoli, Libya,the Forbidden City in China, and Boston, Massachusetts in a chase of Benito Pelati. Despite the book blending in with the many other historical religious adventures saturating the market this book stands out due to it's main characters and their bond. AS stated above, it's simply fun! Don't take it too seriously.