Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow, shoveling and writing

Let me start by saying I hate snow.  It may look pretty in photos or for hallmark card moments but it has no use for me.  Its cold, icy and slushy.  The sidewalks and driveways all need to be cleared.  Your car gets filthy and your constantly washing your windshield.  You spend your time cooped up in the house unless you are one of those people that loves wearing 18 layers of clothes to go outside and thow a snowball or build a snowman only to be soaked in cold melting snow inside your boots or gloves with your nose running, ears reddened and clothes dripping on the outside with melted snow and on the inside with sweat.  And did I say its cold?  What I wouldnt give for a few weeks in the caribbean, weaing flip flops and a bathing suit, sitting on a beach or at a beach bar drinking a few fruity concoctions while the sun goes down over the water.  Yeah I hate snow.

I did however get dinner out of the deal, my parents sprang for pizza after we went over and helped my father dig out.  We got the sidewalks cleared in time to have some pieces of sausage and mushroom.  Cant beat that in the winter.

Finally I got about 650 words towards the story down and another 700 or so in foundation notes. This story may never win an award, never see a publisher or ever really be worth much but it will someday be finished.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Week off

I’m off this week and looking at the stack of books I have to read and pondering a little writing action. Meanwhile I’ve worked shoveling, Creationary, and some video gaming in!  This staying at home for more than a couple days is great.

Speaking of Creationary, what a cool Lego game.  It’s Pictionary with Lego’s instead of drawing. Very fun but I’m thinking a 3 minute timer per turn is necessary.

Goal of the week, write 250 words a day and read, read, read!  Oh and potentially find out what I look like with facial hair.

Sh*t My Dad Says

In a word, Hysterical! Justin Halpern has conveyed the insanity of his father in such a simple, spoken word method that you can't help but laugh and breeze through his book looking for the next!

Remarkable Creatures

I started Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier.  If she sounds familiar she wrote Girl With A Pearl Earring.  So far not bad, but I am definitely not the target audience.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Testing BlogJet

I have installed an interesting application - BlogJet. It's a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get your copy here: http://blogjet.com

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination." -- Albert Einstein

Holy Books!! It's Christmas

My wife got a copy of my wish list on Amazon and wow did she go crazy!  I got ten books ranging from a useless facts bathroom reader to a george Washington Biography with a Steve Berry thrown in for good measure.  I am looking forward to reading each and trying my hand at a thorough review of each book.  Of course they would all consist of my opinions, but hey isnt everything we do really just based on opinion?