Monday, January 21, 2013

The Fallen Angel by David Hewson

I just finished another wonderful story by David Hewson, The Fallen Angel. The story places Nic Costa in the middle of a family as it struggles to survive while dealing with tragedy, internal secrets, and outside pressures. While Mr. Hewson continues in his tradition of plot hints and beautiful descriptions of Rome this book shows his long term ability to develop characters and group dynamics beyond a single book. This story is an excellent murder mystery leading the reader on while dropping hints and teasing clues about the very different conclusion of the book. The parallels to the central character, Mina Gabriel, to Beatrice Cenci, serve as both plot driver and historical reference. I look forward to more David Hewson, Nic Costa, Agata Graziano, Teresa Lupo, and the rest of the gang from the questura in the centro storico of Rome. I'm just waiting for the breakout Silvio di Capua story!