Friday, February 14, 2014

Terra Incognita by Ruth Downie

Ruth Downie once again lead me on a wonderful trip through Roman Britain. Her description of life during this era is simply wonderful. The main character, Ruso, volunteers to join an expidition north towards the eventual line of a finished Hadrian's Wall and again finds himself looking into another odd murder. Along the way his housekeeper, a native he calls Tilla, rediscovers her native people and an old lover. Ruso, Tilla, and a host of Romans and Britains all spin in circles either looking for or trying to hide the truth of the murder. Meanwhile Tilla's rediscovery of her people, her childhood home, and her less than scrupulous uncle  cause mixed feelings and come between Tilla and Ruso. Murder, marriage, and a clash of cultures continue in this wonderful story by an outstanding author.