Monday, May 21, 2012

Cross Border Commerce

I just finished a course on international business. The required reading,.... Cross Border Commerce by Brian Satterlee. I don't think I have ever read a textbook cover to cover. I read each chapter diligently. Lets be honest, I read it because I had to read the book. Although I did learn some from the content I found the book to be non-reinforcing. Is that a word? It is now. The primary concepts and facts the author wanted the reader to take way were not reinforced or given depth in the chapter. At the end of each chapter there were helpful review exercises however with no answer key the reader could never quite be sure they answered everything correctly. Overall, the book is a success in that it the chapters and sections are parsed well with the right coursework, thereby making complete reading a possibility. I recommend more in chapter reinforcement points, perhaps definitions in the margins of each page and insert stories that help define concepts.