Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry

Steve Berry did it again! He wrote an excellent story mixing history and adventure alongside religion and geography to paint an incredible tale. Starting mere moments before the lead character, Tom Sagan, takes his own life Mr. Berry takes on a journey through Jamaica, Vienna, Prague, Cuba, and back to Blue Mountains of Jamaica to unearth ancient Hebrew relics and the real Christopher Columbus. Tom Sagan is saved by Zachariah Simon and is drawn into a quest to find Hebrew Relics attempting to save his estranged daughter Allie from torture or worse. Sagan has to acknowledge his shortcomings as a father and public failures ending in a tumultuous fall from grace as an esteemed journalist in order to find reconciliation with his daughter, the memory of his deceased father, and his personal past. This is not a Cotton Malone thriller but does exist on the same plane. For reference see Mr. Berry's short story, The Admiral's Mark. Mr. Berry proves through research, attention to detail, and inclusion of the human element that he is among the preeminent writers of our time and can write in a series or stand alone flawlessly. If you are interested in history and a great story Steve Berry is a can't miss!