Friday, April 4, 2014

Persona Non Grata by Ruth Downie

I listened to Ruth Downie's "Persona Non Grata" by Ruth Downie and read by Simon Vance. As usual Ms. Downie brings a wonderful description of life in imperial Rome, this time in Ruso's home in Gaul. Ruso, the unwitting protagonist of Ruth Downie's Roman murder history series, decides it is a good time to take leave from the 20th Legion in Britain and brings Tilla, the native he saved in the first book, to his home in Gaul. Ruso received a letter requesting his urgent return and arrives to a house deep in family debts and not expecting his return. The confusion becomes mystery when Ruso works a deal to stave off legal action on the family debts with the main creditor just minutes before the creditor drops dead in Ruso's home. Ruso's brother, step-mother, and step-sisters all cause Ruso irritation and seem to get in the way of his efforts to solve the murder and keep the family name clear. Once again the characters, physical description, and Ruso's inner monologue are all delivered with the wonderful and detailed method that Ruth Downie delivers every time. Simon Vance did a wonderful job reading each character and delivering unique tone and depth to each. Overall the audio version of Persona Non Grata was wonderful and worth the listen.