Friday, June 13, 2014

Caveat Emptor by Ruth Downie

I finished Ruth Downie's fourth book in her Roman series, "Caveat Emptor," some time ago. It was once again a great story. I love the history and honest view of the reality of Roman Britain. Ruso's turn as an investigator put him in several sticky situations. Particularly given his penchant for strong ethical decision making. Ruso and Tilla as newlyweds made for interesting circumstances effecting the investigation and Tilla's status amongst the Roman bureaucracy. The most  serious being Tilla's name on Mettelus the spy's list of potential lawbreakers. 

Ruso's turn as investigator, hunting the missing money from Verulanium and the suspected thieves leads him on and adventure frought with danger, intrigue, and local history.

Simon Vance again provided a brilliant reading, keeping me involved from the get go. I recommend this and all the Ruso series by Ruth Downie to any lover of historical fiction.