Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another layoff from Blogging

It seems life always keeps getting in the way of hobbies! In any case I've finally completed so many house projects that I may have time to write more on the books I read. I have read three books recently; The King's Deception by Steve Berry, Final Sacrament by James Forrester, and an academic book for school, Paul Argenti's Corporate Communication. I will go into the two works of fiction separately however I will say that Mr. Argenti's book was one of the better resources I've while working towards a degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University. The case studies were real, tangible, and clear. Despite the obvious need for effective business communication and all the self-evident communication practices Mr. Argenti is able to educate on finer points of corporate communication. He provides insight and education on corporate communications departments, integration of corporate communications planning with the mission and business plan of a given organization, and how to build and plan for various corporate communication events. Additionally, he brings to focus how to synthesize the message required for an action via the corporate channels and display the difference between general communication, business communications to consumers externally, and internal corporate campaigns. The book is not too long or wordy and delivers interesting cases and anecdotal messages to support the messages being delivered.