Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Final Sacrament by James Forrester

Final Sacrament lived up to every possible expectation that the previous two books of the trilogy set the reader up for, Sacred Treason and The Roots of Betrayal. Although not everything the reader hopes for may happen the story brings closure and vindication for the hero, Clarenceux. Mr. Forrester, or Ian Mortimer, breathes such wonderful life in telling the story set in 16th century England that you nearly feel there. His descriptions of people, architecture, the weather, and common life give the reader a sense of living the story. While the tale revolves around Lady Percy's schemes to extract revenge on William Harley, or Clarenceux, the plot involves several characters that add depth and deliver small side stories bringing color and texture to what could have been a very one dimensional story. Providing real human emotions, reasons, and interactions that drive people to commit murder or worse provide deep and gray characters. No single person is the "bad guy" and no single person is the "good guy," yet every character's shade of gray does stray close to one end or the other at times. James Forrester delivers in another incredible story that is worth every minute.