Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The King's Deception by Steve Berry

Steve Berry provides another wonderful piece of action, intrigue, and risk set against a historical backdrop. Cotton Malone is once again pulled into a high stakes game of intrigue only this time his son, Gary, is directly in the line of fire. While doing a favor for the CIA under the assumption that it fits with his travel with his son Cotton is asked to deliver a teenage boy to British authorities. From the moment he is greeted by the officials Cotton knows something is up. The fast pace, historical mystery surrounding Elizabeth I, and the wonderful immersion into London all thread together to weave a great story. Although this isn't the normal Cotton Malone adventure where he and perhaps Cassiopeia Vitt face insurmountable odds and solve centuries old mysteries this book brings together father and son and addresses the more personal side of Cotton. Cotton and the CIA agent, Blake Antrim, resolve some past issues while Cotton renews contact with an old MI6 acquaintance. The book also introduces the reader to a new heroine with a mixed past, Kathleen Richards. Perhaps Mr. Berry has more up his sleeve for Cotton, or a spin-off entirely. Either way she is a great addition as a protagonist and the book is a solid piece of fun and action!